Money Heist Full Season Watch Online Download HD Free 2020

Money Heist Full Season Watch Online Download HD Free 2020


Money Heist Full Season a Spanish series is getting the attention of the audience from a long time. This amazing series is the creation of Alex Pina. There is a Spanish name of this television drama which is La casa de apple.

Obviously the idea, theme, and story of the series are award-winning. In the present date, this wonderful drama has a total of 3 seasons. This record-breaking Series has viewers over worldwide.

In addition, the story of the Money Heist Full Season 1 revolves around the crime ideas. In this TV shows, there is a group, which wants the biggest robbery in the history of the Spanish. They carry the robbery of 2.4 billion euro from the royal mint of Spain.

There is a mater of mind performing the role of ‘The professor’ who wants this major robbery in the history of the Spanish world. Therefore, for this robbery, the mastermind hires or recruits a group of eight efficient people. He wants to select a group, which is not only efficient but also they have nothing to lose.

In this way, he thinks that he could use the group in completing his ambitious plan. After this, the eight thieves and this mastermind professor tries to manipulate the police to complete their criminal plan.

Cast and the team of the Money Heist Full Season in English are working at their best as a team. The storyline of the very first season begins with a fail plan of the robbery by women namely, ‘Tokyo’. After which that mastermind professor tries to help her by getting her out of this situation.

Moreover, to fulfill his plan, he gives the code names to his group of eight people. The names are Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo to keep their real identity secure. As well as, in the storyline, it is a five-month flashback plan of this group for this biggest heist.

After this mindblowing plan, they come to the main location of the robbery. After entering the city, he tries to hide their all of the personal information from the people. Even, they get success in this plan of the biggest robbery. Obviously, the cast is performing the roles quite clean and perfect.

Moreover, season 2 of the Money Heist Full Season 2 is also very interesting for the audience. This next season is fully has a connection with its first part. This season starts with a very happy and enjoyable moments of the group after the robbery. In its beginning, Rio and Tokyo are present in a new location namely, Guna Yala. In the next scene, Tokyo is leaving Rio in Guna Yala after exchanging the mobile phone.

After some days in the story, the make a call which, becomes a step against themselves. Soon they call each other the Europol detects them. In this way, Rio gets into the custody of the Police. While on the other hand, Tokyo somehow escapes from the hands of the police force.

Now the professor is gathering the Gang back together to make a plan for saving the Rio. All of a sudden, there is the entry of some new characters in the story. Later on, these new characters also get the code names, which are Bogotá, Palermo, and Marseille.

Finally, the professor along his gang starts planning a new robbery in the Bank of Spain. Therefore, for this purpose, they use airships to get the money.

Furthermore, now this record-breaking TV show ‘Money Heist Full ’ has a total of 4 seasons. The audience of ‘Money Heist Full Season Download is not only in Spain but also worldwide. It includes the best streams of Netflix.

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